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A bit about the business:

We cater to a mature urban community that is loosely centered around the 70/80/90s eras. 

The colors, the music, the vibe.

Inside you'll find a vast array of apparel and other commodities that showcase serious, sarcastic and even silly everyday reflections. Our goal here at Salutations For Us is to help you spark an interest upon arrival and leave an impression after departing.


We are children. We are siblings.

We are Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Cousins.

We are HUMAN!

We ALL deserve our flowers while we can still smell them.

Every facet of life is a stepping stone bringing   us closer to what is intended for us and SFU  is about celebrating just that;   Our   failures, our ingenuity, our fears and     our bravery... OUR SUCCESS!!!


A bit about the owner:

I am a single mother who has worked for others for most of my life. I've always wanted to have my own and by that I mean  something to leave to my children besides memories. Something tangible that told the world who I was and what I was about.


I chose the name Salutations For Us, because it it a widespread fallacy that we don't have feelings. That we don't have emotions. That we don't know how to greet each other and show comradery with each other. SFU is my brainchild and I'm hoping, with your help, we can let the world know, one loved one at at time,  we want our "SALUTATIONS"!

Business Information:

PO Box 320084

Hartford, CT  06132



Shae Johnson, Owner and CEO of

Salutations For Us, LLC

Business   Hours:

Monday - Saturday: Orders processed all hours


Sunday:  Family day - any orders received processed next day

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