Show them just how delicious and nutritious you are by wearing your own ingrediant label.

Sure to be a conversation starter.


Apparel colors kept in house are: white, black, sport grey, navy, red & gold. Dark color fabrics will be pressed with a design in white.

If any other color shirt is wanted, that will add an additional $4.99 to the price.

  • From the product list, choose the product and size that you want with the word CUSTOM after it. 
  • You will need to request the color in the "Customization" box. If the color is not available, or not available in the size requested, we will contact you to see if any alterations can be made.
  • If we cannot honor the request, the purchase price for that item will be refunded.

Zodiac Nutritional Facts

PriceFrom $19.99
  • Apparel: Wash inside out. Machine wash in cold water. DO NOT BLEACH. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Hang to dry, but if necessary, tumble dry at low heat. Iron inside out.

    (Washing Instructions will be included with every order)